Devotion. Sri Sailam. Andhra Pradesh

An older woman praying next to a lingam in the temple in Sri Sailam.


Lunch. Sri Sailam

The same students seen before having lunch in a Lingaïte school. Sri Sailam


Students. Sri Sailam

Young students inside the temple in Sri Sailam. They will eventually become priests.


The Charminar. Hyderabad

Rickshaws on the street in front of the Charminar in Hyderabad.


Lambadi. Nagarjuna Sagar

A lambadi woman filling up her water tank for the day in a village near Nagarjuna Sagar


Light and Shadows. Hyderabad

Passing by movie posters in Hyderabad


Stamp maker. Hyderabad

Brinjal. Nagarjuna Sagar

A woman and her cat in front of a basket full of "Brinjal", in a little village not far from Nagarjuna Sagar.



Charminar. Hyderabad.

The well known symbol of the city, Charminar.

Postcard from Golconda

Alone. Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh

A street scene in Hyderabad, not far from the famous Charminor.
Everybody seemed to be so... alone.


Sugar cane. Hyderabad

A woman drinking सुगर काने juice on the sidewalk of a street in Hyderabad.


Puja. Sri Sailam

Pilgrims on their way to Sabarimala for the Ayappa pilgrimage.

Prayer. Sri Sailam

A car Puja. Sri Sailam

Protecting a car for the next trip.

Religion paraphernalia

Selling religious Items to do Puja on a street in Sri Sailam

Breakfast. Sri Sailam

The lingaïte students having breakfast before heading to the temple to take their lessons.

Devotion. Sri sailam

An older woman praying God inside the temple in Sri Sailam


Ayappas. Sri Sailam.

Those pilgrims from Andhra Pradesh were coming to Sri Sailam to pray, on their way to Sabarimala .
They are devotees of Lord Ayappa. They go through a 41 day penance abstaining from sex, meat and
intoxicationg drinks before undertaking the trek up the forested mountain chanting the celebrated three
words "Samiye, Saranam Ayappa ( Oh lord Ayappa, I come to thee for refuge.)

Hello God. Sri Sailam

A pilgrim pointing to the temple of Sri Sailam through the ears of Nandi, Shiva's mount. A way to salute god.

Students. Sri Sailam

Studying in a Lingaïte school in Sri Sailam

Pilgrim.Sri Sailam

Portrait of a pilgrim waiting in line with me to enter the temple in Sri Sailam

Students. Sri Sailam

Students during a lesson in Sri Sailam. They will eventually all become priests.

Saddhu. Sri Kalahasti

A saddhu buying betel leaves on a stand near the temple.

Painting. Tirupatii

A painter refreshing the paint of some gods at the entrance of an Ashram in the city of Tirupati


Offerings. Tirumalai

A kid offering a coconut to God, something one can witness often in Southern India

Family journey. Tirupati

A family waiting for the train to bring them back home

Pilgrim. Tirupati

A pilgrim wating for his train on the platform in the train station of Tirupati

Coffee. Tirumalai

In India, people pour coffee this way. As you can see religion is everywhere, even on the coffee machine on the right. You can see the Shivaïte sign..

Workers in Tirumalai

Workers coming up to have breakfast in a small restaurant in Tirumalai.

Food for Breakfast. Tirumalai

A man filling up little bags of dal to serve for beakfast.

Sheds. Tirumalai

Pilgrims who can't afford to saty in the temple accomodation where you have to pay can sleep under those big sheds.

Food. Tirumalai

Food. Tirumalai

After having taken their darshan at the temple, pilgrims are offered free food by the organisation of the temple. One of the biggest pilgrimage center in the world.

A Saddhu. Sri Kalahasti

A Saddhu who was coming to the temple in Sri Kalahasti, southern Andhra Pradesh.

You can see an image of me shooting this image:


Shy. Sri sailam

Waiting in the line with me to enter the temple in Sri Sailam. I took a picture of her mother first, you can see it below, then I took one of her. She was shy.

Mother. Tirumalai

Geetha ice cream. Sri Sailam

God painting. Tirupati

Ayappa pilgrim. Tirumalai

My son. Tirumalai

A mother taking care of her son.
The little boy had given away his hair as an offering.
Something happening a lot in Hinduism..

Sri Kalahasteewara temple. Sri Kalahasti.

A smile. Sri Kalahasti

A smile to me as I was stuck in the traffic, inside a rickshaw.

A Lambadi woman. Nagarjuna Sagar

A lambadi woman in the courtyard of her house in a little village near Nagarjuna Sagar

Temple going. Tirumalai

Snack selling. Sri Sailam